Geelong Public Notary

For Notarial Services and Notarisations, you have come to the right place.

We are a firm of Geelong Solicitors who are also qualified to provide you with Notarial Services.

As a Geelong based Public Notary, we can, among other things: 

  • arrange notarisation, authentication and consularisation of documents such as a University Degree;
  • Prepare and Notarise Powers of Attorney for use overseas;
  • Notarise, and hence prove to be valid and genuine, documents so that they may be accepted internationally;
  • help you with authentication, legalisation and stamping documents with an apostille;
  • help you deal with foreign documents;

  • help you deal with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;

  • help you deal with foreign embassies and consulates in Australia.

Most countries require documents to be witnessed or for original documents to be certified by a PUBLIC NOTARY before those document can be used overseas.

In Australia, PUBLIC NOTARIES are senior and experienced legal practitioners. They are appointed by the Supreme Court and qualified to authenticate, prepare, attest, verify, witness and certify original documents for use in Australia and internationally. 

The office and seal of a Notary is highly respected and recognised internationally.

By notarising a document you effectively endow it with an international certification of authenticity.

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